Pay Per Click Advertising

Also referred to as search engine marketing, pay per click (PPC) advertising has become the main form of advertising through the internet as advertisers have discovered many benefits including:

  • Specific geographical and contextual targeting
  • Quantifiable, trackable results
  • Instant results
  • Only pay for performance

The fact that advertisers are only charged when a user has clicked on an ad taking them to the advertisers website means that the advertiser is only paying for results as opposed to other methods of advertising on a per impression basis where results are speculative and can vary.

Expert PPC Management

An effective PPC campaign takes expert knowledge, constant attention and time. Few businesses have these resources to devote to PPC and as a result many small and medium businesses have unsuccessful or inefficient PPC campaigns. Hiring a certified PPC expert can have a tremendous impact on the ROI of your PPC campaigns. Webgrowth Marketing employs certified PPC experts who will constantly monitor your PPC campaigns to run them as efficiently as possible. Contact us to arrange a no obligation PPC consultation.