Google Adwords PPC Management

Pay per click advertising is among the most established and documented online marketing tools. Pay Per Click advertising has become the most popular form of advertising in the world for the reasons including:

  • Advertisers see results immediately
  • Ad campaigns can be customized at any time
  • Results can be tracked
  • Campaigns can be optimized to lower cost per sale

A strong PPC campaign is a phenominal tool which can be used to ensure that you reach your target market and instantly drive traffic to your website and can be up and running in less than 15 minutes. To get your PPC campaign started, click here.
PPC campaigns are ideal for companies looking to gain an instant increase in online transactions as well as test new ideas for the reason that advanced tracking methods allow you to analyze the behaviour of each visitor while only paying for each click as opposed to impression.

The WebGrowth PPC Management Process:

  1. Campaign Planning and Development:

    Here we will set out the specific goals of the PPC campaign as well as gain an understanding of specifically who we are targeting. This will allow us to formulate an effective PPC campaign strategy which will provide the foundation upon which we will launch your PPC campaign.

  2. Keyword Selection:

    Now that we have an understanding of your business we can build your customer profile and accurately find out specifically how they find products and services within your industry. Using advanced keyword research methods we will determine the most targeted and popular keywords and phrases and analyse the level of competition within your industry to tailor-make an effective PPC campaign.

  3. Ad Writing:

    An integral part of a PPC campaign, we will write effective ads which grab customers attention while only attracting targeted shoppers. We have vast experience in creating specific ads which deliver results. It is important to note that your campaign will most likely consist of numerous ads, each being targeted towards a specific market niche.

  4. Landing Page Optimization:

    Once your campaign is launched and has begun generating traffic the job is not yet done. We will be tracking the performance of each landing page to make sure that your website is converting as many visitors as possible. While your PPC campaign is running we will continually optimize your landing pages to lower the cost per click (CPC) as well as increase the conversion rate of each landing page.

  5. Reporting & Optimization:

    As your campaign runs you will receive detailed reports clearly showing your PPC campaign performance as well as outline areas which can be modified to improve future performance.

  6. PPC Management Cost:

    Our PPC management fee is 10% of total campaign spending. Your campaign will be managed by a google adwords certified professional on a daily basis. Furthermore, you will receive monthly reports with regards to your monthly PPC activity and what measures are being taken to optimize your advertising efforts.


    To learn how WebGrowth Marketing Ltd can assist you in your PPC advertising efforts contact us.