Organic Search Rankings

With over 80% of all customers searching through organic search listings coupled with the fact that customers increasingly prefer to make purchases online, it is paramount to your business that you have a strong presence in organic search rankings.
SEO is an essential marketing tool in todays marketplace as your presence in organic search rankings has a direct impact upon your bottom line.
At Webgrowth Marketing Ltd. We pride ourselves on taking a personal approach to each client to gain optimal results through the implementation of our tried and tested search engine optimization (SEO) techniques.
The goal of our search engine optimization is to provide each customer with consistent, sustainable results to guarantee a great return on investment by driving increased amounts of targeted traffic to your website.

The WebGrowth SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Process:

  1. Assesment & Goal Setting:

    The first step is to learn about your business. In order to begin planning it is imperative that we first understand your business and who your customers are. At this stage, we will discuss together precisely what you're looking to achieve by optimizing your organic search rankings and set targets for both the short and long term which we will track as your campaign progresses.

  2. Website Review:

    At this stage we will have a detailed look at your current search engine rankings and performance and identify specific areas for improvement.

  3. Campaign Targeting:

    Through the use of advanced keyword research, we will identify specifically how your target audience finds the products and services they are searching for and develop a clear plan as to how we will attract your target audience to your website through the use of targeted keywords and phrases.

  4. Landing Page & Content Optimization:

    Having now clearly identified who we are targeting we will now begin the process of optimizing each and every single page within your website. At this stage, new pages may also be created if it is necessary for an optimal campaign. It is important to note that each page will be structured to target a very specific audience.

  5. Inbound Marketing Tools:

    Now that your site has been optimized we will now focus on using other tools to drive your business further up the natural search rankings including link building strategies and article marketing initiatives.

  6. Reporting & Analysis:

    It is important that we always measure results and track our progress. At this stage, we will be compiling reports and analyzing our results to ensure we are on track to reach the goals which we established in step 1.

  7. For further information as to how WebGrowth Marketing can improve your businesses presence online in organic search results through the use of SEO, contact us.