Basic SEO Practices

While in total there are hundreds of factors which influence the ranking position of your website there are a few basic practices which if followed correctly can have a positive impact on the amount of visitors your website attracts. Some of these basic practices are:

Effective, well written content

Before creating content you should clearly identify which keyword phrases your customers use. These are the keyword phrases you will be targeting. Once you have identified the prcise keyword phrases your customers use it is imperative that you use and repeat these main phrases frequently throughout your content. This will establish a strong keyword density which will result in search engines correctly understanding the topic of your website and ranking it accordingly.

One-way, Inbound Links

Think of links as the roads of the internet. The more roads leading to your business the better right? Ideally, you also want those roads to be quality roads which people enjoy driving on rather than narrow dirt roads for example. This is how search engines view links. The more links pointing to your website coming from websites with quality content the higher search engines will rank your website. It's also important to ensure that each link has been made properly using the ideal anchor text and the link should be surrounded by relevant content including the keywords your SEO campaign is targeting.

(X)HTML Coding

The ideal usage of (X)HTML coding is essential as it allows you to add emphasis to particular keywords throughout your website. This is important in several areas of the coding including text, images, headers, and titles.