For Small & Medium Companies

Many small and medium sized companies often ponder the idea of developing an online sales mechanism however few take action due to a lack of budget or know how. At WebGrowth Marketing we provide small and medium sized companies with the opportunity gain additional sales by selling online without breaking the bank.

Why do business online:

  1. Every year more and more consumers prefer to make purchases online. In order to grow your business over time it is essential that you give customers the option to purchase from you through your website.
  2. Let your website work for you 24/7. Offices have opening hours, staff take holidays but a website can earn money for you 2 hours each day, 7 days every week.
  3. Automate your sales process. Make your business run smoother by taking and managing customer orders online.
  4. Reach new markets. Currently your business may be limited by geographic or technological barriers. By adding an online sales system you'll be able to expand into markets which previously weren't possible.
  5. Reduce your costs. Improving your online presence allows you to signicantly reduce your cost per transaction as you will be gaining significantly more targeted leads.

Why Choose WebGrowth Marketing:

  1. We understand that no two clients are the same and take the time to understand your business before taking action.
  2. Proven ability to deliver outstanding results.
  3. Complete transparency. Every customer receives detailed reported clearly showing recent activity and results.
  4. Informative training programs which allow you to "do it yourself" if you prefer.
  5. Results are guaranteed! If we don't meet our goals within the agreed time frame we will continue working at no additional cost until your targets are met!

For a free no obligation evaluation of your businesses search engine marketing efforts contact WebGrowth Marketing.

WebGrowth Marketing is based in South East England and is especially keen to work with businesses based in Maidstone, Ashford, Folkestone and other areas of Kent.