What does a martech dream team look like ?

published on 10 January 2022

With more than 9000 martech tools to choose from, the important question to ask is who should be involved ? The human capital behind designing, selecting, and implementing Martech

Studies have shown that dedicated martech leaders and an official team in place are more likely to rate their marketing maturity at a higher level than those with leaderless  or cross-functional approaches.

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A martech dream team should include: 

Chief Marketing Officer
The CMO is a critical martech dream team member as this individual plays the role of a strategic thinker and a honed tactician. The right CMO is the ‘captain of the ship’— carefully planning the route, assessing the hurdles, keeping the cash and inventory in check and safely navigating to the destination.

Software /Web Developer and UX Designer
These folks are an important component of the martech table. The web/software developer is a key player on the web team who knows  development best practices, looks for unique ways to use web tools to solve business problems. More programming languages know , the better it gets!
And when there is development, design is the obvious next step. As for the UX designer, that role is an intuitive visionary who makes users feel at home on your website with skills that align audience needs with a smooth interface. There by making the next click much easier for them

Full-Stack Marketer
It is often debated that the full stack marketer is infact the the most crucial position in any martech team. Martech platforms inherently enable marketers to cover a lot more ground without needing the technical knowledge and experience. Such talent cutting across all aspects of martech is indeed a difficult find.

Customer Advocacy Specialist
A customer advocacy specialist is who has the pulse of the target audiences to a point that they will brave a front for their (target audience) voice and find ways to make them happy.

During project planning discussions or brainstorming sessions this individual never loses sight of the needs of the customer. They are passionate communicators and can be leveraged with communication flows.

Digital Manager

The digital footprint cannot be ignored. For digitization or to to leverage a digital platform, this individual is your ace. This individual needs to know the ins and outs of not just the company’s platforms and growth strategies but also of the competitors. An ideal individual will use the data for to build brand muscle, next round of content refresh or tactics leveraged across channels

Data Scientist
This individual leverages martech tools and software of  advanced analytics, machine learning, predictive modeling and other techniques to extract actionable insights and communicate complex ideas to non-technical stakeholders.

Project Manager
The project manager is a quick-thinking individual with an eye for efficiency and communication to make sure projects are delivered on deadline and within the budget scope.

Editorial Coordinator
This person is a good storyteller and keeps you reading.They can find a story opportunity anywhere.

The Web Wizard
Every martech team needs to have a designated leader of all things website — both technical and from a design standpoint — because your website is a crucial part of your digital experience offerings. This individual ensures websites are secure, accessible, redundant, optimized, user-focused and trendy.

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