What is a marketing technology stack?

published on 10 January 2022
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Martech or a marketing technology stack is the set of technologies that marketers use to plan, analyze, execute, and improve their marketing across the client lifecycle. The focus of marketing technologies is to improve internal collaboration, measure the impact of marketing activities, and customer outreach in new ways.

Marketing is not about the tools it is about the strategy. strategy plays a crucial role and hence takes the top most priority.

There are multiple sub-phases within each stage, but let us keep it simple with the three most common stages almost all businesses can relate to. Marketing stack down into three key stages:

Stage 1: Attract

Stage 2: Engage

Stage 3: Analyze and Optimize


Be it a B2B or B2C environment, Lead generation has been listed as the biggest challenge for the past few years for businesses across the globe. This brings us to the first collection of our tools for lead generation :

Ad tech- Adtech primarily refers to the paid format of delivering online ads to the target audience selected on a predetermined criteria, in order to convert them to customers. Widely used at tech platforms include Google ads, demand base to name a few

Social media management - A good social strategy is a must have. Scheduling posts at optimal time, to streamlining your publishing workflows, thereby turn social data into meaningful insights.

SEO- While paid media has its own advantages, the importance of organic traffic cannot be overlooked. Ahref is an SEO tool that helps promote content. build links, rank in search engine and grow search traffic.


A survey indicated hey that a large dollar hey amount is spent on attracting customers. However, very little afterthought is given to the next step. what to do with the visitors, once they've landed on your website. One needs to have a more holistic approach instead of just having them to fill out a form so as to get their email addresses to enroll them into an email nurture flow. A good customer interface platform is important and helps in engagement and there by revenue growth. It serves the purpose of having chatbots, sending targeted messages to visitors of the website, allows integration with CRM, automation and analytics tools.

Data enrichment Is crucial . we need to identify finer aspects of the website traffic and gain insights into the visitor, their company, its industry, geographic location. And then dig deeper from here on about the secondary aspects such as technology, the decision makers, competitors and anything else that adds value. Marketing automation tools help create personas, set up campaigns, customize messaging and then add to the remaining steps of the funnel. Pardot, marketo, HotSpot are a few popular automation tools available in the market.

These tools also make sure that there is no disconnect between sales and marketing. An updated system helps keep track of all the touch points and the end results, as a visitor complete his journey become a customer or even better an advocate

At this step the dashboards giving insights into the pipeline and the next steps are important.

Analyse and Optimise:

Having a 360 degree view effectiveness of the marketing activities is empowered by regularly monitoring the data around each of the steps. Having said this, one also needs to constantly evaluate this data, identify trends, drivers, restraints and opportunities for improving the outcome. very few tools are able to provide data of each step . Instead it is an exercise of collecting performance reports for various stages and putting it together in order to make more sense of it. analytics tools such as Google analytics, provide insights into the visitors, how did they find you, and where are they from amongst many other things.

Business intelligence tools not just list out important attributes of a report, but help draw insights and make informed decisions. Tableau and power BI are a few such tools

Lead management is an important step alongside lead scoring, as a visitor gets converted to a customer or a prospect becomes a  marketing qualified lead and then sales qualified. This can be done via an updated CRM tool.

Optimization is almost synonymous with improvisation. Optimization would mean evaluating decisions about content, converting pieces, platforms, budgets and  strategy. It can be either one or a combination of all of these in order to maximize the R0I

Coming back to my first point , whatever tools are chosen  for a marketing stack, one must remember that the technology needs to connect the strategy, not the other way around.

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