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Build More Professional Yet Easier Elementor Websites Find Out Fresh New Additions

Get the ability to access Premium Addons’ latest additions which will help you build more professional Elementor-based websites with outstanding performance and sophisticated customization controls for a limitless possibilities!
This option is available in Premium Addons Pro.

Spot The Light on Flexibility

4 Shape Divider Positions

With the Animated Shape Divider addon for Elementor, you can add stunning visuals to your website in any position. Place your shape divider at the top or bottom of a section, or on the left or right of a column. With a variety of advanced controls, you’ll easily customize it that you exactly want!
Place the Shape Dividers at the Top or Bottom of an Elementor Section and on the Left or Right of a Column.

Fancy.. Lovely.. Light Widget

Premium Video Box Widget is Light and Easy to Use..!

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This option is available in Premium Addons Pro.


Animated Shape Divider

For Elementor Sections, Columns, and Containers

Premium Banner

Premium Banner gives you a wide range of styles and options that you will definitely fall in love with